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Arturo 93-year-old who was missing has been found

UPDATE: We are happy to announce that Arturo has been found safe. He is being taken home. This was published by Mountain View Police Department on their Facebook page on Tuesday. In their Official Report, Arturo was last seen walking away from his home on the 31st July. The family is happy to know he is being returned safely to his residence. See the official missing report below.

When was Arturo reported missing?

arturo who was reported missing


We need help finding Arturo, a 93-year-old Mountain View resident who was last seen walking away from his home yesterday afternoon (July 31) on the 2000 block of Latham Street. We have tried calling his cell phone, but to no avail.

He is 5 feet 7 inches, 150 pounds, and has white hair and brown eyes.

We’re working on getting a clothing description for you all. But in the meantime, please keep an eye out and if you see him, call 65-903-6344. 

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