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Artist turns reclaimed metal items into sculptures


Having a talent is one thing but having a love for the talent you have is another. Meet Brian Mock. A highly skilled artist that turns reclaimed metal items into sculptures. Many internet users are astonished by the work of musk. His artwork has been reshared by many.

Brian grew up in Portland, Oregon. He spent most of his childhood drawing and wood carving. In the 1990s, he started using recycled metal to create his sculptures. His passion for metal and his ability to create unique and artistic works of art have resulted from his self-taught welding skills.

Through his work, Brian aims to encourage viewers to engage with his sculptures by providing them with a new life. He describes his process as an emotionally demanding and rewarding one. He also claims that audience reactions help him bring his ideas to life.

Brian is currently based in Aloha, Oregon, with his wife Karen. He makes sculptures based on animals, Humans, Musical Instruments, and Miscellaneous items. Below are some of brian work the artist also has a website on which people can make purchases.

Artist sculputure
Reclaimed Royalty
72 in L sold. Hotel Monaco Washington D.C.
Abyssinian Cat
Abyssinian Cat
Life size sold.
California Brown Bear
California Brown Bear
90 in L sold.
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