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Arrest Made After Schoolgirl Suffers Gunshot Wound: Unlicensed Firearm Seized

Arrest Made After Schoolgirl Suffers Gunshot Wound: Unlicensed Firearm Seized

Arrest Made After Schoolgirl Suffers Gunshot Wound: Unlicensed Firearm Seized

The police have detained a 21-year-old man from Norton Street in Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown, after a 14-year-old schoolgirl suffered a gunshot wound to her left thumb. The incident unfolded on November 25, and police responded to a report from Dr. Singh at the Kitty Health Center, where the injured teenager was receiving medical attention.


Upon arriving at the health center, police interviewed the 14-year-old student, who detailed the events leading to the gunshot injury. According to her account, on the night of the incident, she was with a female friend at the Norton Street residence of Leon Garraway. The teenager observed Garraway playing with a firearm, which resulted in a loud explosion resembling a gunshot. She felt a burning sensation in her left thumb, prompting them to seek medical attention at the Kitty Health Center.

In the presence of her guardian, Ethel Smartt, the injured teenager recounted the details to the police. Consequently, Leon Garraway, a 21-year-old delivery man, was arrested. Based on the information provided by the teenager, a police team accompanied Garraway to his residence at Lot 69 Norton Street.

A search in the backyard revealed a black plastic bag hidden among hollow blocks, containing a suspected .32 pistol with its serial number filed off and one live round of ammunition. Garraway was questioned about firearm ownership, and he admitted to not holding a firearm license. Under caution, he claimed that a friend named “Anthony” gave him the gun.

Garraway was then escorted to the East La Penitence Police Station, along with the seized firearm and ammunition. In his presence, the items were marked, placed into a gun evidence box, sealed, and lodged for further examination at the ballistics section.

The arrest underscores the police’s commitment to addressing illegal firearm possession and ensuring public safety. Garraway now faces charges related to the unlicensed firearm and ammunition, in addition to potential charges related to the gunshot injury sustained by the schoolgirl.

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