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APNU continues to push ‘victim mentality’ to Afro-Guyanese communities – Jagdeo

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Blatantly attempts to detract from positive developments in Region Ten

The APNU/AFC desperately continues to push a ‘victim mentality’ among Afro-Guyanese by detracting from the developments that are ongoing, and their positive impacts on communities in Region Ten (Upper Demerara-Berbice).

During a party press conference hosted by General Secretary, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, he criticised the constant demonisation of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) through race-baiting.  

General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

The latest manifestation of this age-old tactic by the PNC-led APNU/AFC opposition followed the government’s announcement of the 58th Independence Anniversary celebrations that will be hosted in the township of Linden.

Similar independence celebrations were taken to Regions Two and Nine as part of the government’s efforts to promote unity, racial harmony and a sense of patriotism.

“I recall when it went to Essequibo, people from Linden, the executives of the PNC said, “Why take it to Essequibo? PPP is taking it to their support base”. Now that it’s going to Region Ten, they’ve urged people not to attend,” the general secretaryrevealed.

The political opposition is contending too that the celebrations now being taken to Linden are merely a ‘publicity stunt’, which were all rubbished at the conference by the general secretary.

“This is the latest manifestation of what I have spoken before. The racism and then the victims’ mentality,” he reminded.

The party has purportedly listed 10 reasons why people should not attend the celebrations, spewing racial rhetoric, which Dr Jagdeo warned can harm an uninformed individual.

“One of the reasons they gave is that the government installed an eight-member board of guardians, all individuals aligned with the PPP and they have been denying people…It’s not eight…it’s actually seven…the fact of the matter is that, of the seven members, two are Indo-Guyanese in the Board of Guardians, the rest are made up of Afro-Guyanese, people of mixed descent and Amerindians. Two of the seven are Indo-Guyanese,” the general secretary made clear.

He cleared misinformation regarding the construction of a synthetic track in the township of Linden, which the opposition is claiming to have been stalled.

“APNU announced it, it was supposed to be completed in 2018 [and] it wasn’t…when we got into office, they had not even paid for the synthetic track, if you check the payment when it was done, it was done under this government to pay for the synthetic track to put it in Linden,” he went on to highlight.

FIFA-compliant lights were also installed and two stands are being built for $130 million and $150 million in the same area.

“On the Mckenzie side, we are now building several stadia. We’re putting in the ICC lights in a multi-purpose ground, spending over $500 million being spent on the other side,” he further shed light on.

Dr Jagdeo also shut down accusations that the government refused to give house lots to athletes, labelling it as ‘nonsensical’. Contrary to what transpired under the coalition that awarded house lots to political figures only, 1000 house lots are being prepared for the people of Linden.

A staggering $600 million is also being expended to construct 400 homes in Amelia Wards.

“That’s 1400 persons who would get a plot of land or a low-income house from this government in this period and they complaining about, ‘oh we’re refusing to give housel lots to athletes from Region 10 and people must stay away from the independence activities because of this.”

Moreover, through the Professional Hybrid Nursing Programme, 200 persons are undergoing training; a new simulator lab was also commissioned to facilitate practical training for these students.

Additionally, the call centre in Linden was also expanded by the government immediately after it assumed office.

In budget 2024, $5 billion was allocated and approved by the National Assembly to subsidise electricity costs for Lindeners.

“If we do something in Indo-Guyanese areas, they will highlight it. If we build a facility in an Amerindian community, they will do the same or in a mixed-area and then they will hide all we’re doing in an Afro-Guyanesearea, although we’re doing the same sort of work…they would not say anything about that to create this victims’ mentality,” Dr Jagdeo exposed.

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