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All police speed guns, breathalyser kits verified – Standards Bureau

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All of the speed guns and breathalyser kits currently used by the Guyana Police Force (GPF) are verified by the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS), as part of efforts to now routinely verify the frequently used equipment.

This is according to the Bureau’s Head of Legal Metrology, Shailandra Rai, who engaged reporters at a World Metrology Day event on Monday at the Guyana Industrial Training Centre, Woolford Avenue, Georgetown.

“These instruments are verified to ensure accuracy so whenever persons are prosecuted for speeding or (driving under the influence of alcohol), we provide that assurance that the results presented in Court are credible,” Rai told reporters at the sidelines of the event.

GNBS Head of Legal Metrology, Shailandra Rai (Photo: News Room/ May 20, 2024)

Verification services are a key part of the work done by the GNBS.

And verification of these equipment is necessary so that cases can be properly tried in the Courts when offenders are caught. There have been instances, however, where cases are thrown out since purported offenders were examined by Officers using unverified speed guns or breathalyser kits.

Rai explained that the GNBS has developed the capacity to do such verification work over the past few years. And that local capacity is harnessed to routinely assist the Police Force.

“We know they are required to be done twice yearly and we have that system in place so whenever the period is up, we make contact with them and have the verification done,” Rai said.

Verified equipment can be identified by a yellow GNBS sticker placed on the equipment.

The Bureau also conducts verification exercises in other fields such as the health and transportation sectors.

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