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$57M collected in payments for traffic offences; another $117M outstanding

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The Guyana Police Force is engaged in robust efforts to up traffic enforcement and reduce the number of accidents and incidents on the roadways.

As it pursues that agenda, Traffic Chief, Senior Superintendent Mahendra Singh on Wednesday disclosed that about $57 million for ticketed offences were paid for the year so far, with about $117 million still outstanding.

The Traffic Chief said this shows that the Police have been working more seriously to enforce traffic laws. He, however, noted that enforcement is not the only strategy; he believes community engagement to engender behavioural change is necessary.

“(People) will change, that is the only thing constant in life.

“Those who take a longer time… we have to keep at this and we have to get to the areas where (offences) are more prevalent.

“We will continue all efforts to get to that lowest level, to get to that single person to ensure they are more compliant,” Mr. Singh said during a Police radio programme on Wednesday.

Previously, the Traffic Chief told the News Room that inattentiveness while driving, speeding and drunk driving are the “primary causes” of many road accidents. And these are three areas the Traffic Department is hoping to step up awareness on either by educating members of the public or heightening law enforcement to deter errant driving.

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