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4 Guyanese students receive CNOOC scholarships

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In a move aimed at stimulating talent within Guyana’s petroleum sector, CNOOC Petroleum Guyana Limited (CPGL), partnering with the Natural Resources Ministry, has given scholarships upon four promising Guyanese students.
The scholarships, fully funded by CNOOC, covers education, transportation, and living expenses for the students in China.
This is the second group of students to be awarded petroleum science scholarships by CNOOC. They are Delicia Cameron, Shanae Henry Rasheeda Daniels, and Hailie Caesar. The scholarship is a collaboration with the Natural Resources Ministry.
At the signing ceremony, budding petroleum engineer, Delicia Cameron, revealed that upon completion of her studies, she would return to Guyana to work in the oil and gas sector.
“Studying petroleum engineering in China will equip me with both the knowledge and skill so I can contribute to the sustainable development and advancement of my country. So, when I gain the knowledge, gain the skills, I will come back to Guyana and I will be a part of the oil and gas industry,” Cameron stated.
Shanae Henry, another scholar explained that she is really appreciative of this once in a lifetime opportunity. “These experiences have only deepened my appreciation for this moment. I am particularly excited about the prospect of immersing myself in Chinese language and culture. I look forward to calling it my home during my studies. This cultural exchange will not only enhance my academic experience but also broaden my global perspective, she stated.”

Scholarship recipients alongside Natural Resources Minister Vickram Bharrat, CPGL President Lu Xiaoxiang and other officials

Meanwhile, Natural Resources Minister Vickram Bharrat stated that he is sure this opportunity would bring great pride to the students and their families.
“I’m sure that the only thing your parents want in return from you is for you to make them proud. I’m sure and 100% positive that all your parents want in return from you is for you to make them proud,” he stated.
He added that the only way in which they can make their parents proud is by accomplishing the task that they are assigned to complete.
“You will make them proud by accomplishing the mission that you’re going to, by finishing your studies, graduating, and returning home. Building a career, becoming a young professional, living a decent, respectable life, and helping at the same time to mold other young Guyanese and to help develop your country,” he added.
Meanwhile, CPGL President, Lu Xiaoxiang emphasised the company’s commitment to developing local content and building capacity through its corporate social responsibility program.
Education, he noted, has always been a key pillar of CPGL’s initiatives. “This event marks the reaffirmation of CPGL’s commitment to build local capacity, develop local content, and benefit the local population. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will allow you to pursue your dreams and make a positive difference in your community and country at large,” he underlined.
Under the current program, 10 scholarships will be awarded over three years. The first batch of students from the 2023-2024 academic year is nearing the completion of their first year of studies. Upon graduation, the scholarship recipients are expected to work with either the ministry or China Petroleum Guyana Limited (CPGL) for five years, ensuring their newly acquired skills benefit the nation.
This batch is the second to benefit from this initiative, a joint program between CNOOC and the Ministry of Natural Resources. This year four awardees were selected, from 11 shortlisted candidates after a rigorous selection process. (G2)

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