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28 Lindeners receive steel, cement vouchers

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As $6.3M injected into Linden’s economy

Twenty-eight families of Linden, Region Ten now have the opportunity to commence construction of their homes following the distribution of vouchers through the steel and cement subsidy initiative while injecting $6.3 million into the town’s economy. 

The vouchers, worth $225,000 each, were presented by Chief Executive Officer of the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA), Sherwyn Greaves, during an outreach at Watooka Guest House on Thursday.

CHPA’S CEO, Sherwyn Greaves hands over steel and cement voucher to a beneficiary

Homebuilders constructing homes costing $6 million or less will be provided with the steel needed and one sling of cement for the construction of the foundation. 

Homebuilders spending $6 to $25 million will be given two slings of cement.

The recipients welcomed the initiative which has now empowered them to achieve homeownership.

Due to financial constraints, Carol Martin said it was difficult to build her own house since the money was used to finance her five children’s education.

Beneficiaries signing for their steel and cement voucher

She is beyond thankful for the voucher and can now build her dream house since she used to live in an apartment.

“Right now, I am living in my parents’ house. I am very happy that I have this land. I have my blocks but couldn’t [afford] to do the foundation. I am happy that I get assistance now so I can do something for me,” she expressed.

Recipient, Randolph Braithwaite expressed great appreciation for the support, as it now provides him with the means to build his home.

This will be a vast improvement for Braithwaite since he used to live in a shack for 7 years.

Beneficiaries signing for their steel and cement voucher

“I feel so happy since this will give me a start,” he added.

Similarly, Clinton Nedd said this initiative has positively impacted his life.

“When this programme started, I decided to get on the board to get some help to get the work off the ground. I accept this small mercy,” he explained.

Through this initiative, some $6.3 million is being injected into the township’s economy.

It brings business to the area because this is direct funds being spent in the community.

“What we try to ensure is that once you get the steel and cement voucher in a region, you have to purchase from suppliers in that same region. We want the funds to be injected in that particular region,” Greaves explained.

Some 97 steel and cement vouchers were issued in Linden last year.

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