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Vehicles being clamped for causing obstruction outside GPHC

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Recently, vehicles that park around the entrance and exit of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) are being clamped as part of targeted enforcement by the Guyana Police Force to ensure that the area remains clear at all times.

The activity commenced after the area on New Market Street, which was previously occupied by vendors.

Both sides of the roadway are now deemed a no parking zone with the necessary signage in place.

But despite this, drivers continue to park on the road markings, which according to the traffic rules and regulations, is an obstruction.

So, the police were called in to ensure that there is full compliance.

“We are clamping everybody. The people who we are clamping are police, members working in the government structure, doctors, nurses, everybody… It isn’t funny.

Traffic Chief Mahendra Singh

“The Georgetown Public Hospital administration has complained to everybody… that the emergency entry and exit is constantly obstructed by vendors, parked vehicles and/or persons who come to seek treatment or visit persons,” Traffic Chief, Senior Superintendent Mahendra Singh told the News Room.

During a telephone interview with the News Room on Thursday, Singh said action is being taken against drivers who fail to confirm to the road markings and signs and leave their vehicles in a dangerous position.

“If we don’t clamp, they have to come and remove their vehicle. Or we have to wait a whole day for them to come back. So we clamp them and get their attention faster,” Singh said.

Once the vehicle wheels are clamped, drivers are required to visit Traffic Headquarters.

If the offence is ticketable, then the ticket is issued immediately.

And if other offences are noticed and required court appearance, then the necessary procedure is followed and a court date is given.

“… and that relates to tint, a whole host of other things… we deal with everything,” Singh explained.

The Traffic Chief explained that the enforcement exercise will continue until there is full adherence.

“It will continue every single day as far as the resources are available to us because nobody will want to change.

“So continue and allow us in good light to do what we ought to do. It is not an agenda,” Singh told the News Room.

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