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Unexpected Tenia Hill 16 called 911 and her mom answered

Tenia Hill

When did Tenia Hill make the call to 911?

Tenia Hill A 16-year-old girl in New Orleans was robbed at gunpoint and then forced into a freezer at a McDonald’s.

A mother working at an emergency dispatch center in New Orleans was shocked when she answered a 911 call about an armed robbery at a McDonald’s and realized her 16-year-old daughter was the one pleading for help.

Teri Clark, an assistant operations manager at Orleans Parish Communication District, was helping staff answer 911 calls on October 17 when she heard a familiar voice. “Mama, please hurry up she’s got a gun,” said Tenia Hill on a 911 call recording.

Tenia Hill left, and was seen with her mother, Teri Clark, righ
Tenia Hill left, and was seen with her mother, Teri Clark, right. Clark was shocked to answer a 911 call from her daughter last month reporting an armed robbery at the McDonald’s where the teen was working.

Tenia told her mother an armed woman entered the McDonald’s and proceeded to lock her and other staff members in the freezer, according to WDSU, which obtained a recording of the call and surveillance video from the restaurant.

“We’re going to hurry. Give me a description,” her mother replied.

“What broke me down was when my child said, ‘We’re in the freezer.’ And I said, ‘The freezer?’ … While I was taking the call, tears came down my face, but I am still trying to do my job,” the mother told WDSU.

Through it all, Clark was able to keep her daughter calm and get the police to the restaurant.

“I didn’t want my mom to have to bury her youngest child. So, knowing that I could have lost my life, she still saved my life. I was very happy,” Tenia told WDSU.

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