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Traffic Chief calls out drivers seeking favours from high-ranking officials

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Traffic Chief, Senior Superintendent Mahendra Singh, in a candid address on traffic education aimed at curbing road accidents, took a firm stand against drivers who rely on connections with high-ranking officials to escape penalties for traffic offences.
He underscored the importance of traffic education in promoting road safety and lawful behaviour among drivers. He warned against aligning with influential individuals who may help avoid consequences for unlawful actions on the road by making a phone call.
The Traffic Chief stressed: “One of the things I want to point out in that regard is that the traffic education is bent on improving your understanding that you shouldn’t align yourself to persons who may or have the ability to support your wrongdoing and/or unlawful act on the road by making a call. We want to tell the members of the public that each time you commit yourself and you think you’re going to rely on someone to help you, to assist you, to cause you not to be prosecuted or to be in receipt of a ticket, don’t fool yourself.”
“Each time you do that, it’s each time you’re telling yourself, I can be involved in an accident and I may not die,” Singh added.
Singh’s remarks come at a time when traffic violations and road accidents remain a significant concern. However, the Traffic Chief was keen to note that the Traffic Department was not overwhelmed by frequency of road accidents but would strongly urge the public to take more precautions as to what happens on the roadways. Singh was also keen on pointing out that while it may appear as though road accidents were on the rise compared to previous times, there was really no evidence to support such a conclusion.
Additionally, the Traffic Chief highlighted the critical need for proper enforcement to effect positive change on the roads. He noted that drivers must understand that road safety is paramount and should refrain from engaging in risky behaviours that put themselves and others at risk.
In light of recent traffic violations and road accidents, Singh is calling on drivers to prioritise road safety and respect for traffic laws across the board, whether you’re a Government driver or a chauffeur. In highlighting the futility and danger of relying on influential contacts to evade justice, Singh said the Police’s aim was to instil a sense of accountability and respect for the law among drivers.

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