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Tiffanimarie Pirozzi was arrested after threats of blowing up school

Tiffanimarie Pirozzi

Tiffanimarie Pirozzi is facing a charge of falsely reporting a bomb.

According to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office report, on Wednesday, Tiffanimarie Pirozzi was reportedly issued a trespassing warning from a school resource officer at University Park Elementary School after “disregarding SRO Chaney’s lawful commands while attempting to issue her traffic citations after a traffic stop and a Brevard County Sheriff’s Office trespass warning affidavit,” the report stated. (Source Fox35 )

Tiffanimarie Pirozzi
Tiffanimarie Pirozzi

Pirozzi reportedly threw the trespassing warning out of her vehicle and left the school. A short time later, she reportedly called 911 and said “I need a police officer to meet me at University Park Elementary school because I’m fixing to tear this bch down if they don’t let me pick up my mother fkin child or I’m going to blow this b*ch up.” this is according to reports by Fox35

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