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Shooting over parking space: “My son wasn’t supposed to die like that” – mother of dead taxi driver

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…calls for faster Police action

Dead: Eon Holder

Almost three months after a taxi driver was shot dead during an argument with two other men over parking in the vicinity of Bourda Market, Georgetown, his family has expressed disappointment at the manner in which the Police are handling the probe.
Forty-year-old Eon Holder of Lot 2498 North Ruimveldt, Georgetown, was killed on February 24 on Alexander Street, Georgetown.
According to information received, about 04:40h on February 24, Holder was at a taxi service working his motor car, PRR 271, when he was hired by a 50-year-old businessman of Queenstown, Georgetown, to go to the Bourda Market to purchase vegetables.
On arrival at Alexander Street, the businessman exited the car and walked towards the market while Holder searched for a parking space.
About five minutes later, the businessman reported that he heard a loud explosion and as he turned around, he saw Holder lying on the ground about 15 feet away from his car, helpless. At the time, two men – one armed with a handgun – were seen running away from the scene.
The Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) Service arrived at the scene and pronounced Holder dead.
Police stated that several persons were questioned and based on information received, it is alleged that the taxi driver argued with the suspects after he stopped his car in the centre of the road, blocking vehicles from passing.
During the argument, one of the suspects allegedly drew a handgun and discharged a round at the taxi driver. The suspects remain on the run.

Seeking justice
In a recent interview with the dead man’s mother Muriel Holder, she said that she has been seeking justice since her son’s death, but to no avail. The woman said her most recent visit to the Police was on Friday last, and she was promised that some efforts would have been made to arrest the suspects.
“I was there Friday, and the CID [Criminal Investigation Department] man told me this weekend they would go and arrest the suspect and he will call me, and on to now, he didn’t call me, so I plan on going back to follow up on what is going on,” she said.
“I can’t see it’s nearly three months now and they can’t find the person/s that killed my son…they told me when I was there, they going and look for the man [the suspect]. He said he sent out one of the Police Officers to look for the suspect/s and they will collect him on the weekend”.
The woman said that since her son’s death, she has been uneasy knowing that his killer is still on the run.
“Every day I cry for my son…on Mother’s Day, knowing that he does be around and he wasn’t there, I cried. His birthday is coming up and I will cry again. I feel it for my son. My son wasn’t supposed to die like that,” the tearful woman said.
The woman is calling for justice to be served for her son soon.

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