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Parents of teen shot dead by security officer demand justice 2 months later

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Two months after 18-year-old Jared Jagnandan was shot and killed by a security officer at his place of employment, his relatives continue to plead for justice.
In an issued statement to the press, the parents of the teenager, Avalon and Reshma Jagnandan stated “On the 21st day of March 2024 an armed security guard attached to a private security service owned by Cerberus Security Inc. unlawfully shot and killed our dear son. At the time, he was employed at Shaf Auto Sales Inc. as a marketing and sales representative.”

Dead, Jared Jagnandan

Ever since, no charges have been laid against the security officer and the family was told the file was sent to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for advice on the way forward but the family’s attorney has informed them that it was quite extraordinary that the DPP would take two months to rule on the matter.
“We have been advised by our attorney that under the Private Security Act, every director of Cerberus Security Inc. can be criminally charged for breaches of the Act. The Security Licence can be cancelled or suspended; firearm licenses can be revoked. The law recognises that you cannot just set up a security firm, fail to provide adequate training, fail to acquire requisite licences, cause death by the combination of this negligence, and escape free from penalty under the law. When you put guns in peoples’ hands you must be held to a very high standard,” the Jagnandans stated.
Additionally, the family’s attorney has also advised that under the Criminal Law Offences Act and other pieces of legislation, Cerberus Security Inc. can be jointly charged with their employees as a principal offender in the unlawful killing of the young man together with other criminal offences.
“Even before a Security Firm can operate, they require the approval of the police force. Is it that this approval is given recklessly or negligently? And what of the Shaf Auto Sales Inc.? Jared was an employee of this establishment and rather than render immediate assistance they shifted all responsibility to the security company to assist. Have the police done any investigations as to their potential criminal responsibility? Our son was shot on their premises which has many cars on it, being an auto sale, yet he was made to bleed out while awaiting a vehicle from the security service instead. These critical wasted moments could have saved our son’s life. We call upon the authorities to investigate Shaf Auto Sales.”
The family stated that the police have not shared any useful information with them concerning documentary evidence including the post-mortem report.
“Just a short time ago, a father of four was stabbed to death, the police force in that matter rightly acted fast to begin the judicial process, indeed charges were laid and even a court hearing was scheduled a few days after the incident, the aggrieved family received the full cooperation of the police force. Two months after our son’s death we feel no further ahead, why is our matter being treated differently? Why don’t we deserve justice?”
Reaching a dead end in seeking justice for the teenager, the frustrated family is now considering instituting civil proceedings in addition to what is supposed to take place in the criminal realm.
“We fear if this drags on without action much longer, the security guard who shot our son will flee the country, the owners of the auto sale will flee the country, the security firm will find a way out, and the matter will be swept under the rug. Life will go on for everyone but us.”
The grieving family related that their son had his whole life ahead of him.
“He was a bright and affable young man who lit up every room he walked in, this world is much less without him.”
The family reiterated that Cerberus Security Inc. and Shaf Auto Sale Inc. must be held accountable for their gross negligence and recklessness, which resulted in the death of the teenager.
“No person is above the law, and all are equal under it. If we cannot guarantee the sanctity of this principle we have failed as a nation, our youths are the future of this “One Guyana”. We, therefore, call on the authorities for a full and transparent investigation, we call for justice,” the family contended.
It was reported that Jagnandan of Mon Repos, ECD was shot dead by a 20-year-old security officer attached to the Cerberus Security Service, and was at the time armed with a 12-gauge shotgun.
Police investigations revealed that on the day in question, the owner of the auto sales and his wife returned to the store after transacting business and found the suspect, who was on duty, and Jagnandan in a chair a short distance away from the Security Officer’s desk.
The couple proceeded to the entity’s office, but, a few minutes later, heard a loud explosion in the store.
The businessman immediately went to check on the origin of the sound and observed Jagnandan lying motionless on the ground with blood about the lower section of his body.
The injured teen was picked up in an unconscious state and taken to Woodlands Hospital, where he was attended to by a doctor, but he later succumbed to his injuries.
The matter was reported to the police, who, upon inspecting Jagnandan’s body, found a gunshot wound on the upper left leg. To date, no charges have been instituted.

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