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New $10M well in Kumaka to service about 2,000 residents

About 2,000 residents from Kumaka, Santa Rosa Islands and other satellite areas in the Moruca sub-district, Region One will benefit from a continuous supply of potable water, as works are advancing on the new $10 million well.

An additional $10 million will be invested in other works such as the installation of the pump system and electricity network.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal

During an inspection of the well site Saturday morning, Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal, emphasised that the prolonged dry weather has resulted in the depletion of water in the creek.

The expansion of the water system will provide increased access to and quality of water.

“The historical context here is that the source of the water [we are getting] is through the creek and we are using the reservoir catchment to pump the water…” he explained.

He continued, “All of Santa Rosa is relieved now because this is one of the many wells that we are drilling currently.”

The ministry will be working along with the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) to expand electricity access to the water system which will provide more pumping hours and greater efficiency.

Minister Croal commended the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs, RDC and Santa Rosa Village for transporting water to the residents during this period.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal and GWI’s technical team inspecting the well at Santa Rosa Islands

Minister Croal also inspected ongoing developmental works on the $5 million water system at Santa Rosa Islands which is supplying 60 households with access to water.

Some $1 million is being expended for the additional woodwork of the system to supply water to 40 more households. These works are set to be completed by May 31.

Some $700 million is earmarked to drill a minimum of 25 new wells in the region, coupled with upgrades to water distribution systems.

Minister of Housing and Water, Colin Croal and others inspecting works on the new well at Kumaka

Investments are being made in the water sector to increase treated water coverage to 100 per cent in the hinterland regions, by the end of next year.

In 2020, access to potable water stood at 45 per cent in the hinterland regions.

Access to potable water in Region One, for instance, stood at 38 per cent. Back then, all of the riverine communities depended solely on the creeks, springs and rain for water.

Now, access to treated water in the region stands at 75 per cent and is expected to increase by 92 per cent by year-end.

Minister Croal revealed that contracts totalling $52.8 million were recently awarded to SRT Constructing General Supplies to drill new wells in Santa Cruz, Warapoka and Kokerite.

Furthermore, the communities of Waikrebi, Kariako, Chinese Landing and Assakata will also benefit from the construction of new wells at a cost of $79.3 million.

Minister Croal announced that a Presidential outreach will be hosted in Region One next weekend, where various issues will be addressed to provide the necessary interventions.

The minister was joined by Regional Vice Chairperson Annasha Peters, GWI’s Hinterland Services Director, Ramchand Jailal, Parliamentary Secretary, Sarah Browne and other technical officers. [DPI]

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