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Miner Stephen Mark Samuel Killed in Pit Accident

Miner Stephen Mark Samuel Killed in Pit Accident

Miner Stephen Mark Samuel Killed in Pit Accident

Authorities in Regional Division 7 are currently probing a tragic incident that unfolded on Sunday, April 14, 2024, around 4:00 p.m. at Puruni Backdam, located along the Puruni River in Region 7. The incident resulted in the untimely death of Stephen Mark Samuel, a 47-year-old miner hailing from Karwap Mission, Pomeroon River, Region 2.

According to initial investigations, Samuel was employed by a Brazilian national to work on a six-inch Land Dredge as a jet man. At the time of the incident, Samuel, along with several other workers, was engaged in excavation activities within a pit.

Tragically, a section of the eastern wall of the pit suddenly collapsed, burying Samuel under the rubble. Upon realizing the gravity of the situation, fellow workers swiftly raised an alarm and immediately commenced efforts to extricate Samuel from the debris.

Upon arrival at the scene, law enforcement officials conducted an examination of the area and Samuel’s body. No signs of physical violence were detected.

Subsequently, Samuel’s motionless body was transported to the Puruni Health Centre, where he was officially pronounced dead upon arrival by Dr. Semple. The body is currently housed at the Bartica Regional Hospital mortuary and is slated for transportation to Georgetown for a post-mortem examination.

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As authorities continue their investigation into the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident, the mining community mourns the loss of Stephen Mark Samuel, highlighting the inherent risks associated with such hazardous work environments.

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