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Govt assisting Crabwood Creek farmers producing peppers for export

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…as shade house project launched

The Agriculture Ministry through the National Agriculture Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) is assisting 100 farmers in Crabwood Creek to cultivate peppers for a local processing company that exports most of its products.
Being referred to as the pepper shade house project, Agriculture Minister Zulfikar Mustapha said it will assist some 100 families initially.
The project was officially launched on Saturday at Skeldon Sugar Estate Manager’s Club House and according to the Minister in less than two months from now, farmers could be selling hundreds of pounds of peppers weekly.

A section of the gathering at the launching of the project

“We will find the market for you and ensure that you get a fair price for your produce,” he assured the farmers as the project was launched.
The ministry through NAREI will provide the design for the shade houses and also give the farmers the nets to build the shade houses.
Each shade house is expected to be 25 feet by 34 feet and should have the capacity to grow 400 pepper plants.
NAREI will provide the plants for the farmers at no cost.
According to the agriculture minister, the project forms part of plans to enhance Guyana’s role as the food hub for the Caribbean.
“We want to work along with the small farmers. We will give the materials for the shade house. We will help you guys to construct it,” he said.

“The peppers produced will be processed at the Umami agro-processing facility in Black Bush Polder, which exports its products to Europe and other markets.”
Arrangements have already been put in place for the processing company to buy the peppers from the farmers.
Mustapha noted that having all the farmers in one area makes it conducive for Umami to go and purchase all of their produce.
“This project will be replicated in other regions, but we are starting here and the focus is on women.”
Mustapha explained that the current arrangement will ensure that the company gets a steady supply of peppers. The nets for the shade houses should be available within one week. According to the agriculture minister, the plants are already available. The super-hot vegetables can start bearing six weeks after the seedlings are planted. (G4)

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