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Golding hits back at Holness for dual citizenship comments

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[Jamaica Gleaner] – Opposition Leader Mark Golding has accused Prime Minister Andrew Holness of seeking to make up the rules regarding dual citizenship and parliamentarians to suit his political agenda.

Speaking on Monday morning on CVM TV’s Sunrise show, Holness said no person who wishes to be the ultimate leader of Jamaica should have citizenship of any other country. He said that situation would be “untenable” and “incurable”.

However, Golding later responded on social media site X that Holness’ position would violate the existing Constitution which allows dual citizens of Commonwealth countries to sit in the Jamaican parliament after a period of residency here.

“This is in keeping with his and his Government’s unfortunate history of past violations of the Constitution of Jamaica. It seems that the Prime Minister wants to make up a rule which is not part of the Constitution or laws of Jamaica, to suit his Party’s political fortune at a time when it is waning. He has no power and no authority to do that,” Golding said.

He also pointed out that Holness has made no move to change the law to reflect his view.

“Neither he nor his party has made those proposals as part of the process of constitutional reform. His proposals are therefore not in the report of the Constitutional Reform Committee, and will not be in the new Constitution coming out of that process,” Golding said.

Golding continued: “He needs to tell the country why his statutory declarations to the Integrity Commission cannot be certified. I am compliant with the Constitution and laws of Jamaica, and I undertake to the People of Jamaica that I will continue to be so.”


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