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GNBS seizes over 160 unapproved scales, unverified measuring instruments

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See below full statement from the Guyana National Bureau of Standards:

Inspectors of the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) Legal Metrology Department are currently conducting surveillance exercises at shops and markets countrywide to ensure that measuring instruments used in retail trade were verified.

So far during the exercises over 160 unapproved and unverified instruments were seized and removed; the majority of which were the blue domestic dial scales.

Commencing in May, impromptu surveillance visits were conducted by Inspectors to markets in the city and its environs, including those at Stabroek, Bourda, Kitty, Ruimveldt, Plaisance and Mon Repos.

Meanwhile, visits to markets and shops in the other regions began in April immediately after the verification (stamping) period. To date, a total of 405 shops and 1,230 stalls have been visited countrywide.

The GNBS continues to warn vendors and shopkeepers against the widespread use of the Blue Dial scales.

These scales are not designed for commercial trade as their internal parts cannot withstand the rigours of frequent use. As a result, these domestic scales easily become inaccurate, robbing consumers and even users themselves.

Alternatively, the GNBS recommends that vendors and shopkeepers use verified electronic scales, equal Arm (Red scales) and platform scales to weigh goods offered for sale.

To ensure measuring instruments are verified, consumers are urged to check for the GNBS approved seal which should be affixed to the measuring instrument.

For the remainder of the first half of the year, GNBS Inspectors will continue surveillance exercises at shops and markets across the country to remove all unapproved and unverified measuring instruments from retail trade to protect consumers.

To avoid seizure, unverified measuring instruments can still be submitted by users to the GNBS Head office, Sophia or to any of its Branch Offices across the country for verification.

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