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Faster response for accident victims as EMT service launched in New Amsterdam

Residents within the New Amsterdam, Region Six are poised to see swifter responses regarding accidents or any other action situation requiring immediate attention as the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) service was launched on Friday.

The service was launched at the New Amsterdam Fire Station where it saw 15 persons now equipped with advanced knowledge in rendering medical assistance after they were required to undergo a six-month training.

Fire Chief (ag) Gregory Wickham stressed that the Ministry of Home Affairs has been working aggressively to ensure the service is brought to citizens all across the country.

“Members of the public, I want to implore you that when there is an emergency within the confines of New Amsterdam you must feel free to call because we will respond. The persons who are responding to those in need are well trained, and so you can expect a service that will be exceptional,” the fire chief assured.

Fire Chief (ag) Gregory Wickham speaking at the launching of the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) service

He emphasised that such service will ensure that many lives are saved. He is nonetheless positive that the death toll by way of accident or unfortunate circumstances will decrease.

Additionally, Wickham noted that another goal of the fire service is to further roll out the programme to Rose Hall and Corriverton sometime later in the year.

Meanwhile, Regional Health Officer Dr Vishalya Sharma said that the patient flow numbers within New Amsterdam are at almost 100.

Regional Health Officer Dr Vishalya Sharma at the EMT launching in New Amsterdam

However, she noted, that with this new EMT service, the region’s health system is will become better, decreasing the number of persons within the emergency rooms.

“We all know that EMTs are important because they save lives, they save the outcome of the patient, the prognosis and they help to determine how well a patient can reintegrate back into society after their accident,” Dr Sharma stated.

The RHO welcomed the additional medical help and pledged to work in cooperation with the EMTs.

The new set of EMTs have since been equipped with their medical gear and have been presented with an ambulance to execute their duties in the most efficient manner possible.

The EMTs were fortunate to receive an ambulance to execute their duties

They will deliver services to residents on the East Bank of Berbice in villages such as Mara, West Canje and Bolan Turn. This year the Guyana Fire Service received $4.3 billion to bolster its system as it pertains to infrastructure, firefighting equipment, and training.

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