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EBD traffic department reports 123 traffic violations in 1 week

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In an effort to enforce traffic laws, the Traffic Department of Regional Division 4’B’ (East Bank Demerara) reported a total of 123 traffic violations last week.
The department’s traffic officers have been actively patrolling and addressing various infractions to ensure safer roads for all users.
The violations recorded span a wide range of offenses. Among these infractions were 12 cases of vehicles with excessively tinted windows that impair visibility, two cases of drivers cited for operating vehicles without proper front lighting, and one case of improperly secured loads that posed a danger to other road users.

Traffic enforcement on the East Bank of Demerara

There was also one violation related to the terms of provisional licenses and three instances where drivers failed to present their licenses upon request. Additionally, there was one case of vehicles operating without rear lights, one case of illegal crossing of double yellow lines, and one case of operating a vehicle without insurance.
The enforcement efforts also included penalties for lacking required reflective mirrors, with one case recorded.
Motorcyclists were found not wearing helmets in two cases. Another breach of provisional license conditions was recorded, along with one instance each of operating a vehicle without a valid license and driving without a valid driver’s license. Four cases involved violations of insurance policy terms, while dangerous driving behaviours that endangered others resulted in 13 citations.
Moreover, the traffic officers identified two cases where individuals ignored or disobeyed instructions from police officers and two cases of drivers or passengers not wearing seat belts.
Unsafe reversing resulted in one case, and there was also one instance where individuals resisted law enforcement efforts and committed physical assault on an officer.
Vehicles used for commercial purposes without proper licensing were identified in three cases. Bicycle-related infractions included three cases each of lacking a bell and lacking lights. Speeding was the most frequent violation, with 50 cases recorded.
Additionally, there were three instances of vehicles left in positions that posed a hazard and one case of operating an uncertified vehicle. Overloaded minibuses were identified in two cases, and there were three instances of vehicles without functioning horns. Lastly, illegal parking too close to a corner, obstructing visibility, resulted in two cases.
The Regional Division 4’B’ Traffic Department stated that they are dedicated to maintaining law and order on the roads. By actively identifying and penalising these infractions, the department aims to reduce traffic accidents and enhance overall road safety.
As such, the department urges all drivers and road users to comply with traffic regulations. Ensuring that vehicles are properly maintained, drivers are licensed and insured, and that all road safety measures are observed. This they said can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and improve safety for everyone.

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