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Duo busted impersonating Housing employees, attempting to defraud ECD man

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Police have arrested two men who attempted to defraud an East Coast Demerara (ECD) resident of $250,000 as payment for a plot of land.

Police Headquarters reported that one of the suspects, a 30-year-old man of Mes Delices, Canal #1, West Bank Demerara, was arrested on May 20, at the Ministry of Housing (Brickdam).

Another man, a 31-year-old of Gordon Street, Kitty, who was in the company of the alleged fraudster, was also arrested after he attempted to flee on seeing the police ranks.

According to the intended victim, 30-year-old Andrew Albert of Enterprise, ECD, on May 17 at about 10:00 hrs, he received a call from the man, who claimed his name was Sookram, a surveyor working at the Ministry of Housing.

Albert related that he was informed by the male that he will get a low income house lot for $500,000, of which he will have to pay $250,000.  The alleged fraudster further instructed Albert to meet him at the Ministry of Housing on May 20 at 10:00 hrs.

Albert further related to police ranks that on May 20 at about 09:30 hrs, the suspect sent him an acknowledgment letter from Central Housing and Planning Authority stating that he was allocated a house lot at Enterprise, ECD.

As a result, Albert went to the Ministry of Housing (Brickdam), where he pointed out the alleged fraudster to a police officer, and the suspect was arrested.

At the time of his arrest, the suspect had the acknowledgment letter that he sent to Albert along with a receipt written in Andrew Albert’s  name as payment made for the house lot.

The second suspect who was apprehended while trying to escape, told the police that he knew the suspect and only met him about two months ago. He further related that he met him on Robb Street earlier that day and was asked to accompany him to the Ministry of Housing.

Both men are presently in custody as further investigations are ongoing.

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