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Citizen Concern Neglected Drainage Project Causing Property Damage

Citizen Concern: Neglected Drainage Project Causing Property Damage

Citizen Concern Neglected Drainage Project Causing Property Damage

Residents of Rampersaud Street in UITVLUGT Pasture are expressing growing frustration over a drainage project initiated by the government at the beginning of February. Despite promises to restore any damages caused during the project, nearly two months later, many properties remain severely affected, and the project appears to have been abandoned in an unfinished state.

Several properties along Rampersaud Street have suffered damage to yards and fences due to the construction of a concrete drain. Despite prior assurances, residents report that no action has been taken to address the damage.

One resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, stated, “My yard and fence are severely damaged, and no one is doing anything about it.”

Furthermore, makeshift solutions, such as a bridge constructed for a 70-year-old woman’s use, highlight the lack of progress and accountability in addressing the concerns raised by residents.

Residents are urging authorities to intervene and fulfill their promise to restore the damages caused by the drainage project promptly. They are also calling for a thorough investigation into the abandonment of the project and its impact on the community.

For further inquiries or to report on the situation firsthand, please contact the concerned resident at 656-9048 via WhatsApp.

Attached are images showcasing the current condition of affected properties along Rampersaud Street.

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